"He who says he can, and he who says he can't.. Are both usually right" -Confucious”

Pharah Phitted

Pharah Phitted is a hitmaker ! This Pittsburgh native has the ability to sing, rap and write all of her own material. She is the jack of all trades !  Her hit single "Call 4 U" first put her on the radar and allowed access to places like the B.E.T Awards, Epic Records' studios; as well as radio stations such as KJLH 102.3 FM (Stevie Wonder Radio) and WAMO 100  in her hometown. 

Soon after, Pharah went viral for her rendition of  "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here" for the #DeborahCoxChallenge. This gained her to recognition of the Legend herself; Deborah Cox. She began following her on instagram, and watches the progress.


Pharah is currently working on a long awaited project titled, "Pharah ft. Phitted", which will incorporate both her singing and rapping skills in one. The first single of this project is called, "Luxury" and it showcases both of her talents in a stylish way. 


Pharah Phitted is indeed "The New Wave of Music", and she stands by that title. With her bold voice, lyricism and intrinsic style, she is in a lane all of her own. She continues to set the bar high and keep the trends fresh. 


Stay tuned for this "Legend in The Making..."