New Release: "LUXURY"

Official Release Date: January 29th, 2021 (Friday)


Pharah Phitted's new breakout single, "Luxury" will certainly turn some heads this season. With her diversity and creativity, she will engage her supporters in a whole new way! This single embodies both the struggle and the success; the sowing and reaping of all of her hard work and dedication to the craft. She has found the formula to massive success, but will never forget where she comes from. "Luxury" will showcase both sides of her; melodic vocals with a twist of poetic rhyme and rhythm. Pharah is very excited to be releasing this single through one of the biggest record companies in the world; UNIVERSAL RECORDS! Stay tuned for this epic release... kicking off 2021 with a serious BANG!





Pharah Phitted "Know ThySelf" wristbands
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These wristbands are a reminder, a mantra to be mindful of your truest self and to live in your truth. In order to know your truth, you must dig deep inside yourself and understand "ThySelf" and with that discovery, it will enable you to access your potential. Cop one today & don't just wear it... BE IT!

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